So, it has been over a year since I last posted. Where have I been and why has this blog been neglected? Well, in that time:

I finished and defended my thesis (jan and feb)
I created a reading list on 2 substantive areas for my comprehensive exams (March-May)
I applied for and received a transfer to our branch campus (Jan and Feb)
I figured out schooling options for boys, and after rejecting many choices, decided to homeschool (March-June)
I participated in 2 graduate courses (Jan-May)
I created and pilot tested a survey for my dissertation (April)
I wrote my first draft of my dissertation proposal for those 2 classes (April)
I decluttered, packed, unpacked, decluttered more, repacked, etc (May-Aug)
I graduated with a master’s degree (May)
I studied just about every day of the summer, reading reading reading, and writing writing writing. Got feedback from committee, read and write more (May-Aug)
I dealt with my dog’s severe dental issues (Terrible of me, but I don’t remember what month)
I traveled to my new city to find housing (Aug)
I did all the last minute doctor’s appts that precede moving (July)
I hosted a game night a few times (fun!) (May-Aug)
I did some help with the packing and cleaning (July)
I drove across the state with my son, who quizzed me on my exam topics pretty much the whole way (July)
I moved into my new house (July)
I did a tiny bit of unpacking, but mostly left it for the fam since I was taking my first exam on Friday, and we moved in on Sunday (July)
I took my two exams- 5 hours each (Aug)
I collapsed for a few days, then helped with unpacking and organizing (Aug)
I prepped for a brand new course. My first solo-instruction, on an area I love but am not an expert in, for a course that hasn’t been taught in some time (Aug)
I prepped for the boys’ schooling (Aug-ongoing really. constantly tweaking)
I helped the oldest child get started with Running Start, which means he is taking some college classes as a high school junior
I have taught my course once a week, for a three-hour block per week (Aug-now)
I have taken one last grad-level course (Aug-now)
I have overseen and participated in the boys’ school stuff (Aug-now)
I found out I passed my exams! (Aug) YAY!!
And then immediately began working on my dissertation proposal (Aug-Nov)
I helped the Dude with job search as much as possible (Aug-now, sadly this is ongoing)
I wrote interview questions (Oct)
I did more organizing of the house (Aug-Oct)
I fought with the Dude (Aug-Sept mostly. We rarely fight, but this move was remarkably stressful)
I tried to squeeze some life and outdoorness out of the great PNW (Aug-Oct)
I reviewed about 1 journal article evry two weeks (Jan-now)
I successfully defended my proposal!! After three rounds of revisions (Revisions-Aug-Nov-defense-Nov)
I graded a whole bunch of stuff
I learned (am learning) my way around my new place
I went on some actual dates with my husband!

And then there are all of the little things! Ha! Yes, so that is some of the stuff I have done instead of blogging. Of course, much of this was done with help from the fam, but still! I think this will be the busiest year until job market-dissertation completion year- (2015-2016). I am throwing my hat back into the blogging ring. I feel like things are calming down a bit, and I look forward to a more balanced 2014.

Thank you for reading this boring post. I will leave you with this random kitten video that has nothing to do with me but is so cute I couldn’t resist sharing.

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