New Year’s Fun-Zero Stress

It is New Year’s Eve! Last year was a rough one.

After Christmas passed, I decided I wanted to do something for New Year’s. We are trying to save money and we are kind of homebodies anyway, so Rin suggested we celebrate the shift between 1988 and 1989. This builds off of last year’s festivities, when we rang in 1978. We will have some food, music, and some fun activities!


We have 2 games: Which Year was it (Movie Edition)? and Name That Tune with a Twist!

Which Year was it?-Movie Edition


I read a brief synopsis of a film and the boys have to guess whether it came out in 1988 or 2018.

The clues are pretty vague:

A man’s hope for a peaceful vacation is shattered when the annoying in-laws show up.


1988 (The Great Outdoors)

Great Outdoors movie poster

Name that Tune with a Twist!

I have a playlist of songs from the 1980s (1988 was not a great year for music, so I expanded the time frame). I will play 10 seconds and let the boys guess. If no one guesses, The Dude and/or I will act out the title to see if anyone can guess it.


After midnight…

To properly celebrate 1989’s “arrival,” Rin built a Lego model of a wall. Not a replica of the Berlin Wall, but the idea of it.

Lego model of wall. We will be tearing it down on New Year's, to symbolize the destruction of the Berlin Wall in 1989
lego model of a wall
Pardon the mess, but it is a better picture of the wall

And Magnus added the modified Brandenburg Gate, for authenticity. At least the authenticity of an alternate timeline, one with star fighters for protection.

Lego model of Brandenburg Gate.

At midnight, we will have a toast, play the words of Ronald Reagan, and tear down that wall!


Food was crowd sourced with other folks who remember the 80s. Although there is a lot to choose from, we went with

Cool Ranch Doritos Package- New Year's Eve snacks
Pizza Rolls box-New Year's Eve snacks
Mozarella sticks-New Year's Eve snacks
French onion dip-New Year's Eve snacks

And of course:

Bugles bag-New Year's Eve snacks


Happy New Year Everyone-whether you are celebrating 2018, 1988, or some other year altogether, may it be a fun and safe one!

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