Inside the bubble of sickness

We have been slammed. Stomach flu and head colds. Everyone has been home. I have gone into campus a couple times. But overall, we have all been home.

My goals, it wasn’t good.

Goals for this week: 
Finish articles for class one day before class-I think I almost did this. I had one article left to read the day of class. I wasn’t able to go to one class because I was sick. 
Go to the gym or walk to and from campus at least 5 times. Ha. I made it to the gym twice. The rest of the time, it was good if I made it out of bed.
Finish the first part of my survey I did this! 
Prep for discussion section the day before class I don’t remember. I think I did though. I might have had some finishing touches the day of, but for the most part, yes.
Grade papers before the weekend- I tried. I graded for quite a bit of Friday. But these papers were very bad and needed lots of commentary, and so took a big chunk of Saturday as well
Organize my exam reading lists-Moving this one forward to this week
Watch a movie-yes. and then some 🙂

So, besides a crippling sinus headache today, I think I am healthy now. So next week I will try again!

This week my goals are the same, except I am not working on my survey

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