Holiday gift pizazz on the cheap

I have been scouring the Internet for gift ideas and I thought I would share some links. I won’t say if I will be using all, some, or none of these ideas, lest my readership include potential recipients.

First, on the decoration. I think I will make something similar for the front door:
I really like it with music sheets
I found the links in the comments here:
Looks like I can make it myself for a few dollars or buy one for $50 or $60!! Hmm, let me think about that for awhile!

For a computer lover, how about a wallet made from computer keyboard innards:

Or these adorable bugs made from computer parts

Greenhouse in a jar is very cute for the gardener

Ambitious but really cool

If you need to give your reader the gift of storage and have some old encyclopedias (or your thrift shop does for cheap)!-YAY!/

I have to make a plug for my friends awesome blog. On the side panels, you will see lots of links to lovely craft and gift ideas

Dollhouse 1:

Dollhouse 2:

Puppet theaters:

And some puppets to go with it

I will continue to add to this post until Christmas, so keep checking back. And please post your own ideas or links in the comment section.

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